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Department of Science Laboratory Technology

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Science Laboratory Technology


Welcome to the website of the Department of Science Laboratory Technology at the University of Calabar, Calabar. Calabar is the epicenter of Nigeria’s tourism. The Department of Science Laboratory Technology in the University of Calabar runs highly dynamic programs with varying areas of specialization meant to impart and equip students with requisite and broad knowledge and skills in the different fields of specializations in Science Laboratory Technology. 

The Department of Science Laboratory Technology was established in 2015 to run a five-year degree program after securing approval from the Council of the National Institute of Science Laboratory Technology to discontinue the defunct terminal National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programs that were awarded then by the University. The present Science Laboratory Technology program assumed its present status after the Senate of the University of Calabar at its 23rd Senate meeting in 2015 approved the running of an undergraduate degree program in Science Laboratory Technology with specialization in the following fields

  1. Agricultural Science Technique
  2. Anatomy/Histology Technique
  3. Biochemistry Technique
  4. Biological Science Technique
  5. Biotechnology Technique
  6. Chemical Science Technique
  7. Microbiological/Virology Technique
  8. Physics with options in either Electronics or Production Technique
  9. Geology/Mining Technique
  10. Physiology/Pharmacology Technique
  11. Marine/Aquaculture Technique
  12. Chemical/Petroleum Techniques

The vision is to produce professionally competent Science Laboratory Technologists that will be able to respond positively to the research, technical, academic, and industrial needs of an increasingly competitive, complex, and dynamic world. The mission is to produce Science Laboratory Technologists at a degree level that is versed in academic, technical, research, and industrial know-how.

The Department of Science Laboratory Technology is well endowed with cream of a committed and highly experienced team of academic and non-teaching staff members. Some of the academic staff members are drawn from willing academic staff in other Departments. Students are trained to acquire lifelong and valuable experiences in our high-end laboratories that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Successful students will be inducted and licensed by the Nigeria Institute of Science Laboratory Technology.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that we will meet you soon. If you have any questions, comments, and feedback, kindly send it to us using any of our contact channels.

Prof. Christopher B. Ndome (MNES, MFISON, MSCB, MATBC, MFBA-LONDON)

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


Science Laboratory Technology is the leading outlet for the academic, scientific and industrial development of any nation. Our principal mission therefore is to build a Department that will produce  Science Laboratory Technologists at degree  level,   that are versed in academic, technical, research and industrial know how and  that will be able to  contribute positively to the economic emancipation of our nation. Thus, we present Science Laboratory Technology as a rational and systematic observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena with significant emphasis on creative imagination, research and laboratory bench work.


The Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) Department will stress the importance of critical thinking and logical reasoning using various methods of investigation, such as observation, comparison, experimentation, and mathematical manipulation of data.


The Science Laboratory Technology Department is also committed to the concept that science has a practical application and has to be understood in a larger cultural context. We therefore employ inquiry learning culture to enable our students view science as an interdisciplinary study applicable to the society.


To produce professionally competent Science Laboratory Technologists that will be able to respond positively to the research, technical, academic and industrial needs of an increasingly competitive, complex and dynamic world.


The Science Laboratory Technology Programme provides its students with a broad based knowledge of theoretical, technological and practical exposure in the multi-disciplinary field of Laboratory Technology. The programme provides four/five-year training to candidates that meet the minimum entry requirements for University education in Nigeria. It provides students with a broad and balanced foundation of the knowledge of Science Laboratory Technology in the areas of:

·         Management of institutional, industrial and research laboratories and workshops to meet the technological needs of Nigeria.

·         Designing, execution and coordination of science–based experiments and research in laboratories and workshops

·         Maintenance of stock of laboratory and workshop materials.


The aims and objectives of the Degree Programme in Science Laboratory Technology in Universities are as follows:-

a.    Contributing to the production of highly skilled laboratory technologists with practical and theoretical knowledge based on an interdisciplinary approach in the sciences.

b.    Produce Science Laboratory Technologists with the capacity to design, develop, test, produce and maintain devices, systems and products that are beneficial to the human race.

c.     Produce Science Laboratory technologists with the capacity to design, execute and coordinate science-based experiments and research in the Laboratories and workshops.

d.    Enhancement of technical manpower in National development to satisfy the needs of Laboratory requirements in Educational Institutions, Research Institutes, Industries and private laboratories.

e.    Ensure socioeconomic relevance of the academic programme with particular reference to capacity of graduates for self-employment and the needs of employer’s labour.

f.      Provision of avenue for staff development in the Universities and other establishments in Nigeria.

g.    Enhance sustainable national development through research.

h.    Identify the scientific and technological needs and problems of the society and strive to find solutions to them in quest to facilitate national development.


At the 203rd Senate meeting held on Thursday, 28th May 2015, the University of Calabar graciously granted approval for the establishment of the Department of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) to run the Bachelor of Science degree in SLT with specialization in any of the following options:


           Agricultural Sciences                          (AS)

           Applied and Physical Sciences          (APS)

           Basic Medical Sciences                      (BMS)

           Biological Sciences                             (BS)

           Chemical Sciences                             (CS)

           Marine Sciences                                 (MS)

Due to the broad nature of each of the units of specialization and in tandem with current standard practice, the Department reviewed the areas of specialization to allow a narrow and concise specialization with this  review, the areas of specialization have been increased to thirteen and a summary is as shown below:

i.          B.SLT            Agricultural Science Techniques          (SAG)

ii.          B.SLT              Anatomy/Histology Techniques          (SAH)

iii.         B.SLT              Biochemistry Techniques       (SBC)

iv.        B.SLT              Biological Science Techniques          (SBI)

v.         B.SLT              Biotechnology Techniques     (SBT)

vi.        B.SLT              Chemical Science Techniques           (SCH)

vii.        B.SLT              Chemical/ Petroleum Techniques (SCP)

viii.       B.SLT              Geology/Mining Techniques   (SGM)

ix.        B.SLT              Marine/Aquaculture Techniques        (SMA)

x.         B.SLT              Microbiology/Virology techniques (SMV)

xi.        B.SLT              Physics/Electronics Techniques         (SPE)

xii.        B.SLT              Physiology/ Pharmacology Techniques (SPP)

xiii.      B.SLT              Physics with Production Techniques (SPT

Specialization in most cases would however   be subject to the availability of the necessary facilities.

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