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Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Music

Welcome to the web portal of the Department of Music, Faculty of Arts at the University of Calabar-Africa’s home to the largest street party. The Department runs a strong program that leads to the award of an undergraduate degree in Music. In addition, the Department also offers service courses to students from non-music majors. Our music educators and other staff are the best in Nigeria.

The Department of Music was established to provide an enabling environment for excellent teaching, training, and research in all spectra of music. It also serves the purpose of catering for the artistic development and acquisition of top-quality knowledge, creativity, technological and entrepreneurial skills of interested students. The Department of Music, University of Calabar shall be the centre of academic excellence that grows towards this cause in line with global standards. We have assembled a committed team of highly experienced academic, administrative and technical staff, who are always ready to teach, inspire and encourage students to learn, acquire knowledge and skills and consequently, develop an experience needed to be outstanding in their various places of assignment. In addition, our students also benefitted from the academic, research, and social activities of the wider Faculty of Arts, which is home to a larger academic community where world-class teaching and in-depth specialist activities are open to students.

Please peruse the information on our web pages and explore the many offerings and opportunities available in the Department of Music at the University of Calabar. Send your questions, feedback, and suggestions to us using any of our contact channels.

Best wishes.

Dr. Carolyn A. Etim

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


The mission of the Department of Music, University of Calabar is to render outstanding training for the overall creative approach to music education. The Department of Music proffers programmes that will lead to the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees. This Department is to lay them down the musical and academic basis for the relevant needs of the people.


The department of Music, University of Calabar is accepted as a place for musical excellence in the African continent.


The thought of establishing a Bachelor of Arts Degree Programme in Music came out of the University of Calabar’s philosophy to introduce more programmes in line with the five cardinal beliefs.

-      That music is a vital part of Man’s environment which enhances man’s social, cultural, emotional, physical, creative and economic development.

-      To train students in this art is to empower them to find meaning and solution to problems.

-      To develop man’s interpretative and executing abilities and skills.

-      That as an integral part of Nigeria’s cultural heritage, the study of Music, therefore, will not only promote our culture, it will also contribute to furthering national development.

-      That there is a growing interest and need for an innovative and creative approach to music education, training and practice in this part of the country which is endowed with many musical traditions, beliefs, ideas and talents which avoid nurturing and harnessing.

-      That top quality knowledge, technology and entrepreneurial skills in music should be accessible and affordable to anyone with the drive and aspiration to be a better scholar or musician since a trained musician is an asset to the nation.



The programme is designed to:

  • Prepare and produce graduates who are musically sound practically and theoretically proficient, principally in African Music and also in the music of other cultures of the world.


  • Develop a critical attitude towards music in appreciation, analysis and performance and be capable of communicating the principles contained therein.


  • To help the students develop the habit of objective and sound judgment on musical issues, appreciate different roles of music as an academic discipline and as a part of human life.


  • Produce music professionals and equip them with the knowledge and skills for effective functionality as composers, theorists, directors, conductors, producers, ethnomusicologists, critics and performers.


  • Empower students for meaningful and successful careers in life, particularly in Music.


  • Engender quality teaching and learning of music, research and community service in the field and provide accessible and affordable music education to students irrespective of gender, tribe, creed, class and nationality.


  • Entrench positive musical values, principles, traditions and attitudes in students and encouraging them to uphold best practices and professional ethics in music.


  • Reinforce and positively influence the cultural and social life of the University community, the establishment of, and the existence of the Unical Choir.


  • Instil in students critical objective attitudes and inspire them to create, perform, love and promote the art of Music.


  • Inculcate in students the spirit of teamwork, collaboration, developing attitudes of tolerance and the capacity to appreciate and understand people with different cultures and views. Through the experience of working and living together as a class, Department and University Community.


In other to attain these objectives, students are to take several cores and elective courses designed within and from other Faculties notably social sciences and also acquire computer knowledge. The aim is to produce graduates who are well-posed to meet the needs of an active society. The Department is made up of core-trained academics and professionals for these goals. The courses are fashioned to boost a complete music education that will prepare students for immediate employment.


The Department of Music at the University of Calabar, was born out of necessity to have a place of study for those who love music and who are interested in its study, but who have not obtained academic knowledge in Musicology. It was on this premise that Dr Eyo Mensah (former Head, Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies) suggested and encouraged a proposal for the establishment of the Music Department when Prof. a. Angrey was the Dean, Faculty of Art (2012-2014). Members of the proposal team were: Prof. Angrey, Prof. Felicia E. Etim (Fmr. Librarian, Uniuyo) Dr Eyo Mensah, Dr Caroline A. Etim and Mr Stephen Udo (Dept. of Music, Uniuyo).

The proposal went through rigorous stages before it was finally approved by the University Senate in 2014, at the time the 10th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof. Zana I. Akpagu was the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Prof. Ekpoke was the Vice-Chancellor. The Department became the brainchild of both of them. However, the Department did not inherit any students unlike other Departments, but students who, for one reason or the other, were turned down in other Departments of the Faculty of Arts, were accepted for the initial take-off of the Music Department in the 2016/2017 academic session. The Department came into being on 15h February 2015 with the appointment of Dr Caroline A. Etim as the pioneer Acting Head.

In this academic session, twenty-one (21) students were admitted into the Department to kick-start this academic programme, but only seven (7) reported. The Department is domiciled in the Faculty of Arts. Hence, Musicology, as a field of study in the Arts was formally introduced in the University of Calabar, Calabar – Nigeria.

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