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Department of Genetics And Biotechnology

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Genetics And Biotechnology

The Department of Genetics and Biotechnology in the University of Calabar, Calabar- Nigeria, welcomes you to its web portal. We pride ourself as the first Department in a Nigerian University to offer a degree programme in Genetics and Biotechnology (GBT). In GBT Department, we are deeply involved in innovative study and broadbased research on life at varying forms and levels as well as grooming the next generation of researchers in our Postgraduate programs. The Department came into existence in 2001 when the then Department of Biological Science (now Faculty of Biological Sciences) was split into four Departments: Genetics and Biotechnology, Zoology and Environmental Biology, Botany (now Plant and Ecological Studies) and Microbiology. These four Departments metamorphosed from the previously existing units (Biology, Zoology, Botany and Microbiology) in the defunct Biological Science Department. At the peak of the splitting frenzy, the former Biology Unit was transformed to the present Department of Genetics and Biotechnology.


The first set of students was admitted into the Department in the 2001/2002 academic session. Thus, our first batch of graduates with B.Sc. degree in Genetics and Biotechnology were produced in 2004/2005 session. The programme earned its full accreditation status from the National Universities Commission in 2006 and has sustained that endorsement to continue with its academic programs till today. The GBT is administered by a Head of Department who is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor usually for a two-year term (for non-professors) or three-year term (full professors). The Head of Department is assisted in the daily running of the Department by a dedicated team of academic, administrative and technical staff. The Department has over ten highly experienced team of senior academics and more than twenty other categories of academic staff who brings their enviable wealth of experience to bear in the training of students. Many of these staff have received both national and international recognition for their immense contributions to knowledge (research accomplishments) and honours.


We operate a wide and diverse course curriculum and successful students are awarded a B. Sc. degree in Genetics and Biotechnology at undergraduate level. We also have a robust course curriculum for non-majors. These courses cover specialized areas like cell biology, genetics, ecology, evolution and biotechnology. The Department runs postgraduate programs that lead to the awarded of M.Sc. and PhD degrees in various areas of specialization in Genetics and Biotechnology including plant breeding/biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, animal breeding/biotechnology, human genetics/medical biotechnology.


The department has been benefiting from grants awarded by some reputable local and international research funding agencies including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, STEP B and currently, Tetfund grant for improvement in yam yielding program in Nigeria. Thus, we have one of the best state-of-the-art research facilities in sub-Saharan Africa that are used mainly for research and training of students. Our graduates, who are trained to be job created, have a wide range of local and international job opportunities in research institutes, educational institutions, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare and medical institutions, oil industries and agricultural establishments. Many have ventured into entrepreneurship and have provided employments to many job seekers


We encourage you to explore our website to know more about us and services. In the event that you have comments, feedbacks and questions, we invite you to feel very free to contact us at [email protected]. We strongly encourage you to either enroll or recommend any of our programs to your wards and friends. Thank you for visiting the Genetics and Biotechnology Web page.





Dr. Paul B. Ekpo, Fcai, Anist, Mnes

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


To train students in the field of Genetics and Biotechnology


To raise competent students in the areas of Genetics and Biotechnology who will in turn add great values to the larger society


Discovering the you in you


Discovering the you in you


Discovering the you in you

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