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Department of Continuing Education And Development Studies

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Continuing Education And Development Studies


Welcome to the web portal of the Department of Continuing Education and Development Studies (formerly Adult and Continuing Education) at the Faculty of Education, University of Calabar. The Department is a unique Department that has made the University proud in several ways and all members of the University community holds the Department in high esteem. We encourage you to browse through our website and find out more information about our excellent academic programs and activities.

The Department offers courses that leads to the award of both undergraduate degree in Continuing Education and Development Studies and postgraduate degree in different fields including literacy development and vocational education, community development, extension and social development, cooperative management and correspondence and distance education. We have a dedicated team of academic, administrative and technical staff members who dedicate their time, energy and attention to the success of students by engaging in quality teaching, research and encouraging students.

We have a large community of successful Alumni whose achievements and supports have been very inspirational to the growth and sustenance of our academic programs.  We strongly encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity that the program offers to identify with the students’ association, interact with other students in and outside the Department, attend lectures and seminars and meet the university counsellors in the Students’ Affairs and their Academic Advisers for professional advice when their services are needed.

We will highly appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestion and questions that you may send to us as they may be helpful in refining our activities and programs.

Thank you for vising our website as we hope to meet you soon.

Dr Godwin Bullem Anthony

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective






The aims and objectives of the programme are congruent with the National objectives of Adult and Non Formal Education as contained in the National Policy on Education (FRN, 2013) as follows:

a)      To provide high manpower for educational system.

b)      To produce future researchers.

c)      To produce those who will promote educational and professional growth in their various areas of specialty.

d)      To produce feederto higher education

e)      To produce persons in professional and practical area.

f)         To provide functional literacy education for adults who never had the advantage of any formal education.

g)        To provide functional and remedial education for those young people who prematurely dropped out of the formal school system.

h)        To provide further education for different categories of drop outs of the formal education system in order to improve their basic knowledge and skills.

i)          To provide in-service, on-the-job, vocational and professional training for different categories of workers and professionals in order to improve their skills.

j)          To provide the adult citizens of the country with necessary aesthetic, cultural and education for public enlightenment.

k)        To prepare participants for work in the development of the community, local government and enhance education of the youths and adults in formal and non-formal education settings.

To help learners acquire contemporary skills germane to research, and leadership in our globalized world.



Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree programme in Continuing Education and Development Studies (formerly Adult and Continuing Education) started in 1975 and was mounted with the view to turning out middle cadre personnel (facilitators, animators and organizers) that would help in the actualization of the objectives of adult and non-formal education as stated in the revised National Policy on Education in Nigeria.

Additionally, this programme was designed to produce adult educators that would participate in the process of supplying answers to specific adult education issues identifiable in the South-South political zone. The B.Ed. was introduced during the 1981/82 academic year as a four-year degree programme.

However, after the first years of the programme this situation was reversed as shown on the yearly table breakdown as follows:

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