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Department of Animal Science

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Animal Science

Dear Visitor,

You are heartily welcome to the web portal of the Department of Animal Science at the University of Calabar. Established as the pioneer Department in the present Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Wildlife Resources Management, the Department has grown to earn global recognition as a centre of excellence in quality teaching, training, learning, research, and extension in Animal Science Education. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our department and strongly encourage you to browse through our various web pages from where you will find more information about our academic programs, staffing, courses and curriculum, research, and other activities. 


Our department, which operates as a family, provides a unique opportunity for all members to learn and research, and share their findings with others in a serene academic setting. We have a deep commitment to training, research, and educating professional animal scientists, who can contribute to the local and global livestock, poultry, snail, and pig needs of the society, thereby guaranteeing food security, income generation, and gainful employment. 


We run courses and programs that lead to the award of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Animal Science. The higher degrees are awarded in various areas including Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Physiology, Microbiology and Immunology, Meat Science and Technology, Range and Forage Science, and Animal Health. We have a rich retinue of highly-seasoned academic, administrative and technical staff, who dedicate their energy and resources to teaching, inspiring students to learn, acquire knowledge and skills, and developmental capacity, and enriching experiences in very dynamic and challenging fields of Animal Science. The Department has functional poultry and livestock farms, as well as functional laboratories fully equipped to support its quality teaching, learning, and research activities. Our students take advantage of our rich learning environment and facilities to make progressive change and eventually equip themselves with knowledge and skills to become professionals in animal science and production.


The Department of Animal Science has a long list of very outstanding and successful alumni databases. The list comprises technocrats, who occupy excellent job positions in ministries, universities, research institutes, multinational organizations and policy-making organizations, and entrepreneurs. The sterling strides of our academics have culminated in prime administrative positions, the Department has produced two reputable Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Deans of the Faculty, with a crop of its staff awarded research grants in various fields of study. 


If you are seeking for a department to study Animal Science, then consider enrolling in any of our programs. Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback, kindly forward them to us through any of our contact channels. 


On behalf of the Departmental Board, I once again welcome you to the family of the Department of Animal Science where the success of our students is our pride and objectivity is our community code.


Everyone here is treasured, Welcome!


Best wishes

Dr. Affiong J. Henry

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


The Department of Animal Science reaffirms its mandate to utilize and direct the expertise of staff in addressing local, regional and international issues in scientific animal production.

Provides leadership, facilitates and encourage animal science education and promotes the norms, values, standards and ethics of science and the exchange of scientific information for the betterment of the human condition.

 Strives to be a centre of excellence in teaching, research and community service in animal production and management.


Leadership through excellence in animal research, production and management.


The University is grounded on the pursuit of knowledge for enlightenment, freedom and Service to humanity.



To fulfill our mission, the Department has established a set of long-term goals with prudence in the management of its resources to ensure maximum value of funds received as follows:

ü  Provide leadership as a world class educational, training and scientific research unit that objectively address issues involving animal production and management in the tropics.

ü  Facilitate the advancement of research using its facilities to promote best-practice scientific discussions.

ü  Boost animal production through sharing of research findings with industries as a contribution to sustainable development, wealth creation and improvement in the quality of life in our community and the country.

ü  Foster communication among academics, the scientific community, indigenous small and large animal production enterprises and the rural farmers in developing countries of the tropics.

ü  Develop networks with global perspective as a contribution to the enhancement of animal science education.

ü  Institute and maintain a mentoring regime to enhance career development of young scientists and public awareness of Animal Science as a discipline.

ü  Cultivate and sustain a robust alumni network-base that guarantees future support for the growth and advancement of the ideals of the Department.



 Immediate Objectives

In line with our vision and mission statements as well as the ever-changing challenges in the profession, the Department of Animal Science, University of Calabar shall pursue the following objectives; 

ü  Recognize and emphasis the contributions of our triune delivery of teaching, research and community service.

ü  Promote and sustain peer review regimes for professional excellence.

ü  Create a collegial atmosphere for personal well-being and capacity development of the faculty, staff and students.

ü  Create innovative and focused programmes to explore and optimize the synergies in our teaching, research and extension efforts.

ü  Cultivate the spirit of responsibility and transparency as it relates to our stakeholders.

Develop and maintain ethical standards of the profession and enforce same in students’ conduct.


Dear Visitor,

The contents of this page is still under construction. Kindly check back later. We regret any inconveniences that this might have caused you.

Thank you for your understanding.

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